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Living On the Road for 21 Days

Whenever I spoke to someone about their study abroad experience to Costa Rica, everyone’s first response was “the food is amazing!” then followed with “and the campus was really incredible!” When I first looked into the UGA Avian Biology Maymester program, I assumed our program would remain on the UGA…
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Pura Vida

Many people, when applying for a study abroad, are told of the amazing sights and academic ventures they will experience. However, what people never emphasize if the lifelong, unbreakable friendships you will create. In the photo, you see a group of tired and sweaty, but ecstatic, students. We started as…
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Un Reto (A Challenge)

My first week in Costa Rica has been amazing. The landscape is breathtaking and the culture is full of life. The accommodations of the first few places we have stayed have been drastically different. Ensenada is on the Gulf of Nicoya with flat pastures and steamy weather. The next location,…
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