I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend a month in Costa Rica learning all about the ecosystem, biodiversity, and spotting lots of birds! This is not my first time traveling outside of the country, and I am expecting the culture and climate to be very similar to Belize, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica specifically for the bird watching, so this Avian Biology trip is perfect! Being an out-of-state student who has only been here a year, I am hoping this trip will provide a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends, especially some fellow CAES students! I can’t say I have too many concerns about the trip, I feel as though I am adequately prepared and have been looking forward to this for quite a while. My parents are excited for me and look forward to hearing all about my many adventures. I’m very grateful that they splurged and got some nice hiking boots and lightweight, quick dry pants and shirts for me, I have a feeling that they will come in quite handy throughout the trip! My main hope is that I am not the “chosen one” for the mosquitos to bite, but I suppose that’s what bug spray is for!