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Here are BMPs for efficient peanut production

Moisture, as always, remains the most limiting factor for peanut yield and quality for Southwest producers. But growers should not ignore other best management practices that allow them to take advantage of in-season irrigation and rainfall. Click here for more details.

Fallout from cost cutting will change the industry landscape

Unless the Southeast region of the peanut belt experiences a weather disaster, such as a drought or a major flood, peanut prices will likely stay flat during the 2016 growing season and beyond. Shellers are using every way possible to discourage wall-to-wall peanut acreage because they know that another bumper crop is likely to keep shelled peanut prices too low to survive. Click here for more details.

How the U.S.’s peanut glut could undermine the work of the Clintons

This is a story about peanuts. When Congress passed an updated Farm Bill in 2014, the legislation included a program focused on the legume. The economics of agricultural subsidies are notoriously complex, but the important part here is that the price point established by the government tacitly encouraged more peanut production, as a Congressional Research Service report from last year noted. So farmers planted more peanuts — so many that there may not be enough warehouse space this year to contain them all. Click here for more details.

2016 peanut crop could overwhelm warehouse space

If peanut farmers produce as many peanuts in 2016 as they did in 2015, there will not be enough room in federally licensed warehouses to store the crop, according to a white paper released Feb. 23 by the National Center for Peanut Competitiveness. Click here for more details.

Georgia Celebrating National Peanut Month

March is National Peanut Month, a time to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods! The Georgia peanut industry plans to celebrate by hosting the 2016 Georgia PB&J Day at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here for more details.

Peanuts 2016: Payment Limit vs Acreage Planted

During this time of year, peanut farmers are deciding their crop mix and acreage level for each crop. As in 2015, commodity prices are at all-time lows which make it extremely difficult for farmers to cash flow any crop and obtain loans from banks. Farmers have been attending county extension production meetings to gain insight.  Click here for more details.