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DECEMBER 2019 – Roy Morris visits and brings another large donation of spectacular specimens.










DECEMBER 2019 – Sharon Collins, host of GPB’s Georgia Outdoors, visits the Collection of Arthropods.










NOVEMBER 2019 – Museum interns, Reagan and Sarah, preparing new specimens


MAY 2019 – UGCA trip to Sapelo Island with Lund Club for odonate survey and metal ant nest casting

MARCH 2019 – UGCA bug displays at Atlanta Science Festival, Chattahoochee Technical College

MARCH 2019 – UGCA volunteer, Branden Everling, updating holdings lists of beetles

DECEMBER 2018 – Museum interns wrap up Fall 2018 projects

DECEMBER 2018 – Rick Duffield visits and donates large collection of Coleoptera

DECEMBER 2018 – Linden finishes curation internship project on beetle dissection collection

DECEMBER 2018 – Roy Morris donates large collection of Coleoptera

NOVEMBER 2018 – Luiz Silveira visits UGCA to work on Neotropical Lampyridae

OCTOBER 2018 – Gavin Martin visits UGCA and works through our North American Lampyridae

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Linden helps to set up a new display of metal castings of ant nests in the Bio. Sci. Building

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Rick, Maisha, and Joe at the UGCA station at Insect-ival

AUGUST 2018 – Insect Taxonomy class visits UGCA

JULY 2018 – UGA President Jere Morehead with UGCA interns

JUNE 2018 – Dawn Flynn, Curator of Arthropods at the Schiele Museum, visits to study our holdings of Membracidae

JUNE 2018 – Our summer LepNet team is busy digitizing butterfly and moth data.  Our total number of LepNet records is now approaching the 10,000 mark.

APRIL 2018 – Doug Booher, UGCA Associate, doing postdoc research on ants

FEBRUARY 2018 – Mike Caterino visits UGCA

FEBRUARY 2018 – New interns at work in collection

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Insectival at Georgia State Botanical Garden

AUGUST 2017 – Museum interns processing donation by Dr. Henry Stockwell

AUGUST 2017 – Insect Taxonomy class visits UGCA







JULY 2017 – Visit by UGCA associates Henry Stockwell and Dawn Flynn

JULY 2017 – Visit by Mike Ivie

JULY 2017 – LepNet summer team works through Lycaenidae, Hesperiidae, Saturniidae, and Sphingidae holdings

Katelyn Luong, Summer 2017

Terry McHugh, Summer 2017

Sierra Hale, Summer 2017

Komlan Guedze, Summer 2017

Tristan Horton, Summer 2017



MAY 2017 – CAES video released about Lep Net Student Interns

MAY 2017 – Visit by Andrei Sourakov, Collections Coordinator, McGuire Center



APRIL 2017 – Cali-N-Tito’s dinner with our wonderful museum interns


APRIL 2017 – Busy hive of intern activity


APRIL 2017 – Rick and Joe sorting Saturniidae in preparation for LepNet databasing


FEBRUARY 2017 – UGCA interns digitizing swallowtail butterfly specimens for LepNet Project








FEBRUARY 2017 – Nathan Lord and GCSU Honors Program students visit UGCA
















AUGUST 2016 – Preparing Papilionidae for digitization


AUGUST 2016 – Rowland Shelley visits the UGCA to study the myriapod holdings



AUGUST 2016 – UGA Insect Taxonomy class visits 


NOVEMBER 2016 – iDigBio Summit, Chattanooga, TN


JULY 2016 – National Science Foundation funds Lep-Net Project, supporting the digitization of Lepidoptera specimens at the UGCA




SUMMER 2016 – UGCA specimens on display at Hargrett Library for exhibit “John Abbot, Early Georgia’s Naturalist Artist”

Abbot exhibit Hargrett Library UGCA material 2016 BAbbot exhibit Hargrett Library UGCA material 2016








SUMMER 2016 – Exhibit of Virtual Roach Project at Hargrett Library and evening lecture

Exhibit of Virtual Roach Project at Hargrett Library, Summer 2016joe at virtual roach talk 2016-001








JULY 2016 – Blaine Mathison donates collection of specimens and literature

Blaine Mathison donation July 2016 b Blaine Mathison donation July 2016 a

MAY 2016 – Harry Brailovsky and Fred Skillman visit

Harry Brailovsky thumb_IMG_1830_1024-001 Fred Stillman thumb_IMG_1834_1024-001 Brailovsky Stillman Hoebeke Smith McHugh thumb_IMG_1828_1024-001

MAY 2016 – Lund Club/UGCA annual field trip, Sapelo Island

IMG_3873-001IMG_3878-001IMG_3894-001IMG_4280 IMG_4226-001 IMG_4169-001 IMG_4157-001 IMG_4072-001IMG_3902-001 IMG_3938-001IMG_4096-001IMG_4051-001 IMG_3987-001 IMG_3979-001 IMG_3976-001 IMG_3913-001IMG_3922-001

May 2016 – Joined Cross Expedition from Mississippi Entomological Museum for field work in Rabun Co., GA

IMG_4353-001 IMG_4346-001 IMG_4416-001Cross Exped 2016 Rick and Richard at lightIMG_4413-001IMG_4394IMG_4340-001IMG_4369-001

MARCH 2016 – Snodgrass and Wigglesworth Undergraduate Entomology Club from Cornell University visits 

IMG_3598-001 IMG_3559-001 IMG_3578-001








MAY 2015 – UGCA/Lund Entomology Club field trip to Sapelo Island

Bud Rick Joe Sapelo May 2015

Joe McHugh, Bud Freeman, and Rick Hoebeke on Nannygoat Beach

Sapelo trip UGCA Lund Club May 2015

Rick, Joe and the Lund Entomology Club at the UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo









DECEMBER 2014 – Reference collection of U.S. termites and Vietnamese ants deposited in UGCA

Termite donation 2014 B

Dr. Brian Forschler and UGA student, Alice Mello, visit UGCA to deposit 334 vials of U.S. termites and Vietnamese ants









JULY 2014 – Arthur Benke donates extensive collection of aquatic insects from the southeastern U.S.

Art Benke and Joe McHugh - full length- Tuscaloosa June 2014-001

Art Benke and Joe McHugh in Tuscaloosa

alabama 064-001

Art Benke and Rick Hoebeke at the University of Alabama

DECEMBER 2012 – Consolidation day!   UGCA range expands and off-campus collections relocated to GMNH Building

DSCN3375-001 UGCA consolidation moving day stacks of drawers-001rick and joe in range on consolidation day 2011