Photo 2018

DECEMBER 2018 – Museum interns wrap up Fall 2018 projects

DECEMBER 2018 – Rick Duffield visits and donates large collection of Coleoptera

DECEMBER 2018 – Linden finishes curation internship project on beetle dissection collection

DECEMBER 2018 – Roy Morris donates large collection of Coleoptera

NOVEMBER 2018 – Luiz Silveira visits UGCA to work on Neotropical Lampyridae

OCTOBER 2018 – Gavin Martin visits UGCA and works through our North American Lampyridae

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Linden helps to set up a new display of metal castings of ant nests in the Bio. Sci. Building

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Rick, Maisha, and Joe at the UGCA station at Insect-ival

AUGUST 2018 – Insect Taxonomy class visits UGCA

JULY 2018 – UGA President Jere Morehead with UGCA interns

JUNE 2018 – Dawn Flynn, Curator of Arthropods at the Schiele Museum, visits to study our holdings of Membracidae

JUNE 2018 – Our summer LepNet team is busy digitizing butterfly and moth data.  Our total number of LepNet records is now approaching the 10,000 mark.

APRIL 2018 – Doug Booher, UGCA Associate, doing postdoc research on ants

FEBRUARY 2018 – Mike Caterino visits UGCA

FEBRUARY 2018 – New interns at work in collection