Photo 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Insectival at Georgia State Botanical Garden

AUGUST 2017 – Museum interns processing donation by Dr. Henry Stockwell

AUGUST 2017 – Insect Taxonomy class visits UGCA

JULY 2017 – Visit by UGCA associates Henry Stockwell and Dawn Flynn

JULY 2017 – Visit by Mike Ivie

JULY 2017 – LepNet summer team works through Lycaenidae, Hesperiidae, Saturniidae, and Sphingidae holdings

MAY 2017 – CAES video released about Lep Net Student Interns

MAY 2017 – Visit by Andrei Sourakov, Collections Coordinator, McGuire Center

APRIL 2017 – Cali-N-Tito’s dinner with our wonderful museum interns

APRIL 2017 – Busy hive of intern activity

APRIL 2017 – Rick and Joe sorting Saturniidae in preparation for LepNet databasing

FEBRUARY 2017 – UGCA interns digitizing swallowtail butterfly specimens for LepNet Project

FEBRUARY 2017 – Nathan Lord and GCSU Honors Program students visit UGCA