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Cheese Caves?

I was expecting my favorite field trip to be the poultry day but it was actually a combination of the days in the Roquefort area observing sheep and also the Roquefort caves. First, I love long rides. I’m used to them because growing up I did a lot of road…
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Die kleinen Dinge

(from May 2017) Es sind die kleinen Dinge… It is the little things this week that have really made me appreciate again the amazing opportunity I have to be in Germany right now in my life, along with the incredible people I’ve met and all the unique things I have…
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À Bientôt

Surprisingly, I was ready to return home. After staying in France for so long, I began to feel like a nomad because every day was a long adventure. I was constantly moving, and as a result, I was always exhausted. I enjoyed every minute of the program, but my body…
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