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Germany, here I come

I am so excited to travel to Germany! I’ve googled pictures, looked at maps, read all about the culture, and practiced some of the language. I have prepared myself for months before my trip. I’ve answered every email, completed every necessary task, predicted how each day will go, even made…
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Three Lessons Learned from my Pre-Study Abroad Playlist

When I was a little kid, l remember listening to the radio with my Aunt Tammy in her 1995 Chevy Trailblazer, and asking her what was the meaning behind the lyrics of different songs. We would jam out to artists like The Script, Yolanda Adams, and Brittney Spears, which clearly…
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Preparing for Costa Rica

Hi, my name is Rance Paxton.  I’m a graduate student in the college of agriculture.  I heard about this study abroad course from a classmate that took it last year. I’m most interested in learning about the coffee supply chain.  As of now, I’m only a consumer of coffee and…
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