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The Trip of a Lifetime

“The Trip of a Lifetime” is a statement describing an adventure full of phenomenal experiences which then results in personal growth and memories that will last a lifetime. The Grand Tour of Europe proves true to this description. After much post-trip reflection, I realized what an impact those three weeks had on my character and personal state of mind. I had been looking forward to “The Grand Tour” since the first day I became a horticulture dawg. For someone who hates being away from home, I thrived during my time abroad and had mixed feelings when it was time to return. This trip strengthened my independence, confidence, and maturity. This course has given me a strong foundation to build on what I am certain will be life-long loves: traveling and historic landscapes. I was able to observe incredible gardens, historic monuments, and ancient works of art, all in three short weeks. I returned from my trip exhausted but feeling more accomplished than I have ever felt before.