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Weekend Trip to Berlin

Well, when people told me it was easy to travel around Europe once you’re there, I had no idea how easy it actually would be! Just a couple of weeks into my exchange, a few of my friends said that they were thinking of taking a weekend trip to Berlin,…
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Classes Resume!

Today marks my 11th day in self isolation, and let me tell you how boring not leaving the house has been. Its a good thing I’ve had my coursework to keep me company! Contrary to my initial thoughts about my program cancellation, all of my classes at ETH have gone…
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Settled Jitters

As I headed to the airport with my parents, I naturally had some travel jitters but was very excited for the trip that was ahead of me! Once we landed and made it through customs, we met our gracious host, Bruno. Bruno had taken the time to memorize all of our…
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