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Women and Wine

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to work for Aragón Exterior in Zaragoza, Spain under the great leadership of Sofía González. Aragón Exterior is a marketing corporation that specifically markets the goods created in Aragón, Spain. I was working with Sofía and her marketing team to market the Grenache…
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The Hike

Costa Rica is known for its breath taking landscape, with beautiful mountains and streams. We hiked many, many miles on this trip to witness these beautiful landscapes. There was one hike, that really tested all of us though, especially myself. This hike was a 3-4 mile hike uphill to Karen…
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Our day at Solimar

This picture was taken after a long day of exploring Solimar and hiking through the forest to find the spectacled owl nest. Solimar is one of the largest cattle ranches in Costa Rica. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cattle in one place. The farm is made up…
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