Studying abroad in Morocco for two short weeks felt like an eternity in the moment. I was enjoying every second of it, but the packed schedule was taking a toll on me. During my trip, I wasn’t really doing any deep thought about the things that I was experiencing. In Morocco, we visited over 25 different cities and towns. In this variety of places, we saw many UNESCO world heritage sites ranging from the labyrinth of alleys and streets in Fez to great palaces built for kings.

Throughout the journey, we were constantly exposed to new things. From places to people, food to weather, new things were in store at every turn. It was my first time seeing hail (in Africa of all places) and my first cup of mint tea. It was all these things that I thought back on as I boarded the plane home. I had a great sense of gratitude that was able to experience such a wonderful country. The memories I made during those two weeks will always stay with me. I think that living in the moment is great, but spending time looking back is part of appreciating the experience.

textile market in fez