With only 4 days left until my trip, I build with excitement for my trip. This will be my first time out of the country, besides a cruise setting, so I am very excited to see a community from a different lens. The trip gives me the opportunity to see the raw processes on the mass and small-scale production on cocoa.

The fact that we are tracing one of the most (what would seem) essential products in America is baffling. Chocolate ranges from the elites who consume only the “finest” to the sleep deprived college student ordering mocha in their coffee. It has the strength in taste and production to range from all chocolate lovers.

The itinerary for the trip encompasses so much of the country. With zip lining across its beloved mountains, consuming raw cocoa beans, exploring the markets, and discussing the rich flora and fauna, this trip will set high expectations for any trip that I take from now on.

Encompassed within this week is most of the work associated with the trip. Reading about chocolate and preparing our journals will set the mood for a rich experience in Costa Rica and will give a specialized focus on what we are going to witness.

This trip can not come any faster and it seems like just yesterday I was accepted into the program. All I can say now is: Costa Rica better be ready for this herd of Dawgs! WOOF!

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