On our trip we learned about the gardens of Europe and the differences between them. It turns out there is a lot more than meets the eye in every garden you enter. In the same way that a garden is not just a garden, a person is not just a person. There may be differences between a French Grand style garden and English Landscape garden or a Late Italianate garden just like there are differences between Italian, French, and English people. But Versailles is not just a French Grand style garden, it is Versailles. An Italian person is not just that, they are a unique human.  A horticulture student is not just a horticulture student, they are themselves. An art student isn’t just an art student, they have their own unique interests and ideas. A sorority girl is not a sorority girl, she is her own person with something to offer the world, just like everyone else. Saying what somebody is may be easier than knowing who they are, but it’s a whole lot less meaningful. My travels through places I had never been before with people I would never have otherwise met helped teach me this truth.

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