The focus of my trip was European Art and Gardens, and oh boy did we get a lot of Art and Gardens. Being a horticulture student, it was the gardens, and the plants in them, that excited me the most. Every interesting or unique plant got a picture taken of it and an entry in my journal of plants. Some gardens sparked my interest more than others. When I got home, or I was talking to somebody back home while on the trip and I mentioned how I liked one garden or one garden style more or less than others I usually got something like: “There’s different styles of gardens?” or “You can tell the difference in style between two gardens?”. Yes. It’s amazing how much variation and stylistic differences you can find if you look closely. To most people, a garden is a garden. This trip opened my eyes to so much more nuance than initially meets the eye, in gardens and in people. Attached are pictures of the gardens at Upton Grey Manor (left) and Iford Estate (right).

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