I am so excited to travel to Germany! I’ve googled pictures, looked at maps, read all about the culture, and practiced some of the language. I have prepared myself for months before my trip. I’ve answered every email, completed every necessary task, predicted how each day will go, even made a to-do list of what to accomplish in my first days after arrival. Bumps in the road will happen but that is a part of the adventure. However, as the days get closer, no matter how much I prepare the nerves take over.

Having never been to Europe, rarely flew in a plane, and only living an hour and a half from home at the farthest, studying abroad is easily a mixture of my biggest adventure as well as my biggest challenge. As much as I want to tell myself that in Europe every day is an amazing day, I know I’ll get homesick and the first few days will be difficult while I get my bearings in this new place.

It is easy to think of all of the amazing things about to happen and the wonderful places I’ll travel to but many questions are pressing my brain. “How will I function with minimal knowledge of the language? Will the other exchange students be as nervous as me for this adventure? Will everyone be willing to help each other out?” As many anxieties take over, coping with them is essential. I have told myself that it is common to feel this way. Yes, I will get homesick. Yes, it will be difficult at first in a brand new place. But finally, I tell myself that this is the most special time in my life. Not many people get to study in Germany, much less anywhere else. It is my opportunity but even with some bad days and it will be amazing. My mixture of excitement and nerves is making me want the day to come even faster.

It is going to be the most rewarding and amazing semester ever!


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