The open air dorm rooms of the UGA Costa Rica campus bring in a cool breeze as the sun rises each morning. During the first couple of nights, it sounded like a hurricane or tornado was destroying the vegetated landscape when the leaves would rustle and clap with each passing wind. On a couple occasions upon waking, I peered out of our leaf-patterned blinds to behold a cawati, the local relative of the raccoon, crawling around in the grass just beyond our bungalo. The mountainous landscape is often blanketed with think white clouds. Joyce told us that during this time of the year, there are often sprinkles of rain throughout the day that is akin to snow in the northern hemisphere. This mist encourages the formation of rainbows, many of which I have observed during this trip. Costa Rica is so beautiful and magical, and I will be mournful when it comes time to return home.

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