Last week was one of the most knowledge packed, fun filled, to the extreme, weeks of my life. From the breathtaking views way up in the mountains to getting to see all kinds of unique wildlife, making many new friends, and learning the ins and outs of coffee production, it will surely be a week I never forget. From day one we hit the ground running and dove right in. We visited small coffee farms up in the mountains and learned all about how coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and eventually makes its way to the consumer. It was amazing to see how much work and dedication the farmers had for growing coffee and of the best quality. After a few days on coffee farms we got to see how chocolate is made, and it was some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted! In the middle of the week we went on a zip line tour and rode eight lines from the top of a mountain down to the bottom. It was the most intense zip line I have ever been on! At night we had class on campus and got a more scientific look at coffee and learned of a some of the health benefits. The week was go, go, go trying to get in as much as possible in such a short time. Looking back, it was a wonderful experience and an amazing country to visit. I hope to go back someday soon. Adios Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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