I feel like there is a countdown; A mad rush to the best experience of a life time. I leave for Costa Rica in less than thirty hours. Wow! There is so much to do. I keep going through a mental checklist that lives at the forefront of my mind.

Quiz in Agribusiness management- check
Contractual analysis for my business plan- done
Lab for quality control- completed-turned in
HACCP plan for a lunchable- almost
Fanning Lecture-couldn’t go
Accounting Homework- I have time

And that’s just class work. There is so much to do in preparation for this trip. I mean, where is my beautiful mom when I need her?

Filing at work- done
Approving time card- I plan to
Packing- haven’t thought about it
Where is my passport?- somewhere, hopefully
Clean the apartment- my roommates can handle that
Who’s going to keep the dog? -somebody
Ride to airport- yes
Ride from airport- someone will come
Plan ticket- done
Early check in- plan to do

I really should have been nicer to my mom when I was at home. That’s carme isn’t it? But, I can handle it. Every time I get overwhelmed about these things, I just think about how absolutely amazing this trip is going to be. How many people get the chance to study coffee in Costa Rica? Exploring the rainforest, harvesting coffee, and meeting knew people; that is motivation enough. Besides, I’ve had everything I’ve needed from the beginning.

A positive attitude- Check
A desire to experience new things – Check
My Camera- Check