At this time tomorrow I will be in Costa Rica! It has been a long wait since I applied for the program several months ago, but the semester has flown by and departure is less than 24 hours away. Planning the final details of any international trip can be stressful, but thankfully CAES has done most of the work already. All I need to do is get myself to the airport on time and not overpack my suitcase.

I am anxiously awaiting what the weather will be like for the week. As I’ve been told, Costa Rica is incredibly rainy and temperatures fluctuate throughout the day – much like this crazy Georgia weather I’m sure. Variable temperatures and soggy conditions complicate which clothing to pack. Nevertheless, my rain jacket is at the top of my bag and will hopefully keep me comfortable and dry during the upcoming week. I imagine it will become my new best friend, along with my flashlight.

In the end, I have no control over the weather and surely I will make it to the airport packed and ready to go. I feel ready to take on Costa Rica. My body may not be able to handle all the caffeine I’m about to ingest, but the coffee will be worth it.

Hasta luego America!