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Four days until Zürich

It’s almost time to leave and there’s still so much to do! Rather than packing I have been pouring through travel books and making lists of all the places I want to see over the course of my exchange. It’s overwhelming to look at what I’ve written down and the number of incredible places I want to visit but I am determined to see as much as I can. Still, while it’s fun to make plans and read about all the places I intend to travel to, I really ought to finish packing…

Packing for almost 6 months and multiple seasons is no easy feat, and I am tempted to take everything! I usually struggle to decide on what to take for weekend vacations, so this is definitely a challenge. I have to remind the importance of packing for the cold winter weather the city is currently experiencing. It’s about 30 degrees in Zurich right now and there’s already a good bit of snow on the ground (and more predicted for this weekend)! It’ll be interesting to see how well I adapt to this much colder climate. I think I’ll find myself missing the hot, humid Atlanta weather when I experience my first real snowy winter.

Speaking of snow, I’m hoping my flight this Saturday will leave on time as I have a layover at JFK where a lot of flights are being cancelled and delayed this week due to snowstorm Juno. Fingers crossed that Juno’s wrath will all be over by Saturday afternoon.