It has now been almost 2 months since I had the opportunity to travel to Uruguay. I can honestly say coming home from the trip was extremely difficult. Going into the trip I really didn’t know what to expect, I only knew a few of the students going and I certainly didn’t know any of the professors as I am an Animal Science major and not Ag Econ. Once we arrived I was happily surprised and how close we all became, not just with the students and professors traveling with us but with the people of Uruguay as well. Bruno Lanfranco was a lead guide on the trip. He worked for INIA, the government organization partnered with UGA to make this trip possible. His extensive knowledge of the beef industry as well as his light-hearten personality made traveling around south Uruguay all that more entertaining. Thanks the folks at INIA and Dr. Lacy we were able to tour numerous farms all the way across southern Uruguay. Seeing the variations in production has given me a new found appreciation for both the American and Uruguayan methods of beef production. I can safely say this was one of the most exciting and fascinating trips of my life! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wishing to not only encounter a new culture but broaden their beef cattle production knowledge as well. Until next time, adios!

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