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Acute magnetic resonance imaging helps predict functional recovery at chronic timepoints

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a clinically relevant, real-time imaging modality that is frequently utilized to assess stroke type and severity. However, specific MRI biomarkers that can be used to predict long-term functional recovery are still a critical need. Consequently, the present study sought to examine the prognostic value of commonly utilized MRI parameters to predict functional outcomes in a porcine model of ischemic stroke. To be published in published online November 16, 2020 and in Neural Regeneration Research, Issue 5, May, 2021.

Kaiser EE, Poythress JC, Scheulin KM, Jurgielewicz BJ, Lazar NA, Park C, Stice SL, Ahn J, West FD (2021) An integrative multivariate approach for predicting functional recovery using magnetic resonance imaging parameters in a translational pig ischemic stroke model. Neural Regen Res 16(5):842-850.