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I’ll be honest: I didn’t really have a lot of fears the moments leading up to my departure for Zurich, Switzerland. Perhaps it was due to my international background or the fact that I approach situations in an unconventional manner – I’m really not too sure. Large changes such as…
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Ready for a Crash Course in GA AG!

I am so excited to be leaving tomorrow for a week long trip all over Georgia learning about AG! We will be visiting all kinds of operations from greenhouses and an onion farm to an alligator farm and a dairy! One of the places that we will be visiting I…
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A Spring Break Close To Home

Today is the day, we are about to head on a week long tour of Georgia agriculture. The stop I researched was our Vidalia Onion stop. Growing up in Georgia, I have always known about the wonders of Vidalia Onions but never knew the history behind it. During this project,…
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