It felt as if the departure date for the tour would never come soon enough.  I counted down the exams I had left until I would be on the plane on the way to the trip of a lifetime.  And while it did feel like the the day would never arrive, the tour caught me off guard.  I hadn’t had the chance to fully process what this trip would mean, what I would be doing, and the impact it would leave.

Leaving a few days after finals left me unprepared for the serious packing and planning that was necessary.  I contemplated for months how I would fit the suggested packing list in a carry-on suitcase.  However, what I was most nervous about was what I needed to worry about the least.  I feared that heading on this adventure without knowing anyone would be an issue, but I was unprepared for the people I was about to meet and the impact they would have on my life.  What I began the trip worrying about relentlessly, turned out to be one the most easy-going parts of the trip.  Everyone was eager to make new friends, try new things, and explore as much as possible.