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Tourism and Cultural Heritage in Greece

We had the opportunity to learn about Tourism and Cultural Heritage management with Dr. Indounas. This lecture was personally my favorite from the whole course because it was very question and answer heavy which helped me learn more. First we started off with the basics, what is management? Management does…
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Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate!

I obviously can’t go on a study abroad about chocolate and not talk about chocolate! The purpose of our trip was to learn about the science, history and culture of chocolate. We visited multiple different types of cacao farms, chocolate production factories, we lectured on every part of the process…
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Multitudes of Old Havana

There are many stories found in Old Havana. It’s a very sacred place for Cuban architecture and takes on the importance of reserving Cuban history. There were lots of fun moments held here: from eating delicious mango ice cream and chocolates with friends, listening to local bands at restaurants, to…
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