As we were beginning to prepare for this 18 day trip I tried to grasp the entirely new culture(s) I’d be experiencing while abroad. Through countless google searches, Pinterest boards and asking around I felt more prepared, but still quite uncertain. Growing up on a cattle farm and immersed in the agricultural community I quickly learned to love animals and the outdoors. The dairy industry is something that I fell in love with at a young age and what I hold close to my heart.

As soon as we landed in Amsterdam, a dairy cow replica was the first statue I spotted. I soon came to realize that a piece of home could be found in cracks and crevices of this new place. I chose this photo of the porcelain Delftware cow because although I was so nervous and timid about coming to an entirely new country, small pieces of my culture we able to be seen! Although the American culture is in no way close to the lifestyle of those around the world, sights of dairy cows helped me see that there are ways in which I can immerse myself in this new place while also feeling knowledgeable and confident.

Although eating habits are vastly different, food is steadily fresh and stairs are quite small and narrow my time abroad served as a learning tool like no other. By fully immersing myself in these places and pushing hesitation away I was able to learn and engage in so much more than I ever imagined. The biggest thing I can leave you with is to push your worry and fears away and allow yourself to be captivated. Without this time I would not appreciate and respect the agricultural industry as much as I do.