Growing up I always aspired to travel the world. Sitting at my moms feet and listening to stories about her travels around the world was always one of my favorite pastimes and was something that really pushed me to attend the CAES Europe: Flowers and Photography. 

Coming into the study abroad I felt many things, but the biggest was nervousness. I was nervous about the drastic culture shock I would experience, language barriers and even the 9 hour flight time. 

This photo was captured at around 6 a.m. as we were preparing to land in Amsterdam. I have always loved watching sunsets and sunrises and I feel as if this photo really helps represent how experience is such a beautiful thing. The photo is so simplistic, but also holds so much meaning in the fact that my mom would soon be watching the same sunrise that I had just watched hours before. It represents how even though I was across the world, I was still able to see bits and pieces of home. 

This trip was something I will never forget and I would truly urge you to go on the trip. Put your fears and doubts aside and embrace the culture, immerse yourself in new friend groups and most importantly, have fun!!