Most of my time in Cuba was spent in Havana, the capital. But we spent a night in a region about three hours from the city called Viñales. It was absolutely beautiful! Before we got into the town area, we made a few stops. The first was at a tobacco farm where the farmer showed us how he grows and dries the tobacco leaves and demonstrated how to roll a cigar. He told us that he’s required to sell 90% of his crop to the state and with the other 10% he can do what he wishes. Our next stop was lunch at an agro-eco farm to table restaurant. The food was delicious and the view was incredible. After we ate the owner gave us a tour of the farm and we saw baby pigs that had just been born 4 days earlier! Our last stop was at a cave in the mountains! We learned that the cave systems there are huge and slaves used to escape and hide in them. The cave we went into was massive- we walked for a while then rode out in a boat. When we finally made it to the town we checked in at our casas for the night and explored! I absolutely loved the mountain town.