Most people know about all of the cars in Cuba. Driving down any street you can always spot old American cars made in the 50s and 60s- its quite a sight! In addition to all of the old American cars are a good number of old cars from the Soviet Union. Those ones are kind of funny looking- imagine the way an average drawer would draw a car brought to life. It’s cool how the combination of cars reflects the history of Cuba. At one time their strongest trade partner and ally was the US- 80% of their exports came here. In every sense of the word they were dependent on us. Then when the Cuban revolution occurred in 1959 and Fidel put in place a communist system, their alliance switched to the Soviet Union and President Kennedy passed into law the embargo against Cuba Now, because of the embargo that is still in place, trade in the international market is difficult for Cuba and new cars are hard to come by. But they are pros at keeping the old cars they have working like new.