If you’re anything like me and love good food, by all means, please take the trip to Spain for the Food Production and the Environment. The Mediterranean diet is known for being the healthiest diet in the world and with food being as good as it is in Spain, I can see why. The first thing I want to talk about is fresh fruit. Avocados, Spanish bananas, cherimoya, and loquats were among my favorite. The Spanish people really focus on the flavor of their food rather than mass production making for an explosion of taste every time you take a bite. I think what makes the food their better is the times at which everything are eaten. The dining schedule is nothing like it is here in America. Coffee and a light breakfast is never before 8. The local Dunkin Donuts didn’t even open until then. Lunch was late and huge, generally around 2 with food like paella. You always filled your stomach at this time and then got to partake in the afternoon siesta as everything in the city closed between 2 and 6pm. Dinner was late and generally consisted of a variety of appetizers and drinks. It was great because you got to eat so many different foods and weren’t stuck to just one meal. This time of day was my favorite because hoping from bar to bar for a variety of different tapas with friends really can’t be beat!