Costa Rica was absolutely breathtaking, from the hikes to the national parks, from the waterfalls to the rivers, and from one side to the other. However, one aspect of my trip that was above the rest was the food! It was so good! Our first day there, was a morning buffet at a hotel we stayed in near the airport. Even though this was a name brand hotel you would expect to have the same bagels/cereal breakfast as every other western hotels, this was pure Costa Rican. Breakfast consisted of a yogurt like parfait, with fresh papaya and blackberries on top. However, it wasn’t the normal hard yogurt we are used to, it was a soft, almost honey like liquid yogurt. There was a french toast to die for, and of course my first taste of rice and beans that would soon come to be every meal. Of course, there was so much fruit. This fruit was the best fruit I have ever tasted. It was so fresh and juicy, endless amount of papaya, that I crave every day since leaving Costa Rica. There were small pickled quail eggs, and a fresh omelet bar. There was so much, it was a definite welcome to costa rica feast!

That same day for a late lunch, after a long day of hiking we stopped at a local eatery. The choices were steak or chicken, and I chose steak! It was a thin slice of asada, with delicious onions on top. It was served with rice and beans, amazing small cheesy potatoes, and a little salad. This particular restaurant is known for their milkshakes. Strawberry milkshakes, either water or milk based. I can’t say enough how good the food is. It is just so fresh, and so much flavor, without all the salt and additives like in the U.S.

The rest of the trip was full of homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These beautiful women that hosted us at every place we stayed at woke up and made us every single meal, and they did a great job! Oh, and coffee!!! Coffee for every meal, is a thing here in case you ever visit. I advice learning to love coffee!