WOW! What a trip! Spain is definitely my favorite place to visit inside of Europe (probably because of how perfect the weather is there). This was my second time traveling to Spain, my fourth time traveling to Europe, and it is a different experience each time I travel. Traveling is something I am very passionate about and something I think that everyone should get the chance to do many times in their life. Being able to see other parts of the world and their cultures is just so eye-opening. While in Spain we did mostly agriculture, food, and science-related visits to places. We were also able to do many cultural visits as well. We were able to tour the Alhambra, see a Flamenco show, visit cathedrals and many more things! My favorite out of all of those was definitely seeing the Flamenco show. This is something I have never seen before. I went not knowing what to expect at all and was completely blown away by it.  Flamenco is a traditional art done by people of Spain that includes, dancing, singing, and playing instruments such as guitar.