Throughout my Maymester in Spain, we visited lots of different farms. We visited farms where they grew all sorts of fruits such as avocados, mangoes, bananas, nísperos, and cherimoyas. We visited different research centers that grew avocado and mango fruit trees, that grew dragonfruit (I had never seen a dragonfruit plant before so that was really interesting to see!!) and also had greenhouses filled with tomatoes. We visited an olive orchard and a wine vineyard. At the olive orchard, we had an olive oil tasting, and at the wine vineyard, we had a wine tasting! Visiting all of these different farms was very exciting for me because I am an Agribusiness major so I was very happy to go to all of these different farms and see their day to day operations. It was amazing to be able to go on a study abroad program that was so closely related to my major!