**DISCLAIMER: I’m vegan.**

Before I left for Spain I was kind of worried about what I would be eating while I was there. Spain has lots of ham. A LOT of it. We were still staying with host families who knew our dietary restrictions and who would be cooking for us, but as for going out to eat and other group excursions, I didn’t really know how many vegan options would be available to me. Our host family cooked up some pretty delicious vegan meals for me. She wasn’t exactly vegan herself so she didn’t know what all to cook for me, but overall her meals were pretty great. I was still able to try some of the famous Spanish dishes such as the gazpacho and paella. The gazpacho is basically a cold tomato soup, so it’s already vegan. I was able to try the paella, which is a huge dish composed of rice, vegetables and usually seafood. I was just able to get it as a vegetable paella. They were both delicious. Of course, that’s not all I ate for the duration of our two-week trip. I also had lots of pasta and vegetables. I was actually surprised at how many vegan options were available to me during this trip.

I think that if you have any kinds of dietary restrictions such as being vegetarian/vegan, being allergic to something, you definitely should not let that affect whether you still travel or not. There will always be something available for you to eat whether you think there will be or not.