We had a lot of great material packed into this trip, so we did not have much time to go on our own trips, but we did have about 4 different days we were able to travel or do what we wanted. I would highly recommend traveling to Orvieto if you are in Italy. This is where I traveled with a few of my friends one day after our test that morning. It was so easy to get to. We bought a bus ticket in a local store that got us to the train station. It was very easy to get a train ticket and didn’t take more than an hour to get there. I really enjoyed this town because it was smaller than cities like Florence or Rome, and it seemed very authentic. It was enjoyable just walking through the streets of this town. As we walked through the town, we came around around a corner and saw this huge cathedral. The sides were just black and white. It was nothing special at first, just big, but then we came around to the front and were all amazed. We had to just sit down on a bench to take in the beauty of the front of the cathedral. It was one huge piece of art and included sculptures and different biblical scenes. There was so much detail in the whole thing. As we walked closer, we were able to see more and more impressive aspects of this cathedral and new details popped out. It is probably the most amazing man-made thing I’ve ever seen. It is definitely the most impressive art work. The picture included simply won’t do it justice and you must see it. The day that we were there, a truck dropped off a man with a piano. We sat on the steps of the cathedral trying to soak it in and listened to him play the piano beautifully as people strolled by in the square. It was such a peaceful moment and my favorite memory from Italy. We were also able to climb a tower and get a view of the whole town. After that we went in caves underneath the city originally built by the Etruscans, which was really neat to see. There was also this old well we were able to walk down into before we left that was originally built for donkeys to walk up and down to get water. Please do yourself a favor and visit this town!