You’re correct in assuming my family reacted the same way they did when I told them I was moving to Athens, and when I said I was visiting Costa Rica for a week. My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, are all slightly anxious and concerned because this is not the “norm” for my family. I am actually the first person in my family to even attend a 4-year university for college, so you can imagine the face my grandpa made when I said I was getting on an airplane and flying to Costa Rica to learn about chocolate farming. As for me, I’m not super nervous. This will be my 3rd trip I’ve taken on an airplane and I really enjoy flying. This will be the longest flight I’ve been on, but I’m excited about that part. I’m a little nervous because I’m not fluent in Spanish, so communication is a big concern of mine, along with an irrational fear of getting lost from the group and something horrible happening where I don’t know anyone and have little resources. Other than that, I am very excited to see a new culture, learn their farming practices, and taste lots of chocolate! I chose this study abroad because I wanted to get to travel before I graduate in May, and this was a very affordable trip for me, that had an agricultural interest, which put the icing on the cake because I’m an agriculture education major. I hope to learn techniques I can teach my future students about cultural diversity within agriculture, as well as take lots of pictures, and expose myself to new and exciting things!

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