I remember coming to the University of Georgia as a freshman, and immediately being excited about all of the study abroad opportunities the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences had to offer. Somehow, I made excuse after excuse to not commit to any of the programs my first three years here. Finally, I was meeting with my advisor to plan out my senior year and I was one credit hour shy of my 120 credit hour requirement. She asked if I had considered doing a study abroad and let me know the application for the Choco-Rica program, which was two credit hours, was still open. I immediately went to my friend, Brittney, and we decided we wanted to go.

Long story short, I convinced my parents, applied for the program, and bought my flight. A few short months later, and I’m getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning! I’m so excited to be able to experience this with not only Brittney, but also everyone else who will be going with us. I wish I knew a little more of the language and knew more about the culture, but I think it will be such a neat experience to be able to learn by immersing myself directly in it.

I think the part I’m most excited about is that we are getting to visit several different parts of the country, and aren’t just staying in one place the whole time. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we’re getting to make our own chocolate bars. This is only my second time traveling out of the country, but I’m looking forward to this trip and hopefully many more in the future!

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