Just like that, my Maymester study abroad program to France is over. The things that I learned about agriculture in France are definitely things that I can take back to home and integrate into my own farm. While in France we visited a farm that milked their own cattle and goats, and produced cheese with milk from these animals. When communicating to the farmer, it was evident that if they did not use their milk that they produced and made cheese with it their existence as dairy farmers would not be able to continue. By creating a value added product they were able to make a very good living, making and selling cheeses that are unique to their region of France. This is something that my family in the States has looked into doing with our farm in the future. Seeing this small operation in France making a living creating a product gives me hope that it is possible for me to do in the future.

In summary, I loved every minute of my Study Abroad program in France. From the friends that I have made that go to UGA, the experiences that I was able to take part in, and the knowledge gained, I could not think of a better way to spend my Maymester!

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