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Living it Up in Cortona

Halfway through this unbelievable trip, and I do not have words to describe what this experience has been like thus far. Upon waking up every morning, we look out our window of UGA’s Dormitory and we are literally above the clouds. You can see the city below during breaks in the clouds and it is breathtaking. Cortona is a quiet, local city that is filled with rich history, talented and kind individuals, and lots of little nooks (GO TO SNOOPY’S). For our viticulture class, we have daily sensory labs where we are able to taste some of the best wines that Italy has to offer! In addition, we are taken to vineyards within the area to see their operation, look at their production, and learn about what makes their wine so special. The wine is paired with amazing food and great company because in Italy you only drink wine with food and friends. The best part about this trip besides the wine and food, is the fact that we have free weekends! This weekend we are off to Cinque Terre where we will hike throughout the 5 cities on the Amalfi Coast!