As I zipped my suitcase shut, it finally hit me: I am going to Greece! It is so unreal that I am going to be able to walk the historic streets of three amazing cities over the next couple of weeks. The professors have an amazing study abroad planned for us and I absolutely cannot wait to get started. As I read the tentative itinerary, I could not contain my excitement. I have always wanted a study abroad that is a good mixture of classes and fun. I want to have an experience that is full of learning about the culture, not just sightseeing. I believe that this trip is exactly what I have been looking for!
The road to even find this trip was not an easy one. I originally had my heart set on another study abroad for the past year. Unfortunately, it did not work out. But, something amazing happened. As SOON as the other study abroad fell through,one of my roommates started talking about how she found this trip to Greece about economics and that there was an agricultural class also. So, I decided to look more into it. The more I read, the more I fell in love! Everything from the amazing history to the beautiful land tugged on my heart strings.
After much consulting with my parents and friends, I finally decided that Greece was the trip for me. The moment I received the acceptance email I knew I was going to have a trip of a lifetime. Not only would I be going to the land of gyros and Hercules, but I would also be going with an amazing roommate to learn about subjects we both love! I cannot wait to board that plane and experience everything Greece has to offer!