As with every new adventure that I take in life, there are usually uncertainties to follow. While I have never flown or traveled outside the country, I find myself both excited and nervous at the same time. Currently, it has not set in that I am about to travel to a place that is more than twelve hours south of Georgia by plane. While I am sure my nervousness is going to increase drastically once I arrive at the airport, I am still very eager to head to Uruguay with the hopes of gaining more information about sustainable, grass-fed beef production. The plane ride however, I am not so thrilled about. While all of my friends and family have assured me that it is going to be fine, I am still  very unsure of this large machines ability to get into the air. Although very weary, I realize that this is just apart of the opportunity. The words of encouragement offered by those closest to me have been extremely reassuring as I prepare for this plane ride.

While this trip to Uruguay is going to be very nerve racking at first, I realize and understand that everything is going to be okay. Not only will this be a wonderful international experience, but it is also a trip that will allow me to grow as a person and gain knowledge that I can bring back and share with others. This study abroad trip to Uruguay is going to be a trip of a lifetime.