This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Indianapolis. When preparing to leave for this trip, I realized that the flight to Indy would be my first time flying. Although Indy might not have been the most exciting destination for my first flight, this trip brought it to my attention that I needed to make more of an effort to travel and explore. I knew that studying abroad would be the best way to travel while on a college student’s budget because of the many scholarships available for international education opportunities. After attending the CAES Study Abroad Fair last fall, I knew that the Uruguay program would be the most applicable spring break trip for me as an agribusiness major. This, partnered with the various stories and rave reviews I heard from friends who had participated in the Uruguay program in previous years, made applying for this study abroad trip an obvious decision.

Now that the time has finally come for us to depart for our week-long trip to Uruguay, I find myself becoming slightly nervous about traveling internationally for the first time. However, these nerves are far outweighed by excitement to experience a new culture, learn about sustainability, and tour various agribusinesses throughout Uruguay. I am also extremely excited to meet our tour guide and Uruguayan faculty member, Bruno Lanfranco, after hearing so many wonderful things about him from former trip participants!