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Visiting Vineyards

One of my most favorite things we did in my class was visiting beautiful vineyards around Cortona. During the Maymester, I had visited other busy cites such as Pisa, Rome, and Florence, but I liked the vineyards the most due to their quiet and relaxing atmospheres. The Il Falconiere vineyard in Cortona even had a spa with special wine treatments. It was so neat seeing all of the different grapevines after learning about them in class. All of the green grapevines were perfectly aligned in rows and the grapes were just starting to grow. We also were able to go on tours around the vineyards and see how the wine was made and stored in giant wooden barrels in cool cellars underground and in stainless steel containers. However, the best part was actually getting to try the wines. Each vineyard had prepared appetizers and even a lunch to pair with their wines. After my visits I decided I liked the wine so much, I ordered at least one wine from each of the three vineyards we visited. If I ever travel to Italy again one day, I will most definitely visit more vineyards and hopefully have the opportunity to stay at one!