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Back to America

With a full schedule everyday, it was a slight relief to return home knowing I would be able to rest for a few days. After eating pasta, sandwiches, and pizza all day everyday I was excited to eat normal food again, especially Chick-fil-a. When my mother picked me up from the airport, she was very eager to hear about my experiences and see my photos. It did take a few days to get back into my normal time zone as I would wake up much earlier than normal. However, after being home for a few days I was ready to go back. I especially miss the gelato, my Italian friends, the scenery, and of course the wine, but the hills in Cortona were quite brutal. Overall, I had great experience in the quaint town of Cortona as all the local Italians were extremely welcoming of the UGA students. I learned a few Italian words during my stay, and I made many new friends in my class. I have grown to appreciate wine so much more after taking this class, and I can not wait for my shipment of Italian wine to finally make it to my home. After this study abroad experience, it has made me want to hopefully go on another study abroad next summer!