I had actually applied for the Viticulture and Enology study abroad program the day before it was due, so I was very surprised and excited when I found out a few days later I had been accepted into the program. I knew it was meant to be for me to be in Italy this past May! Packing for the trip did take me a few days to make sure I had everything because I wanted to make certain I had planned for all weather conditions and had plenty of medicine in case I became ill. I was more excited than nervous because it was my first time ever traveling to Europe. I honestly had no fears at all because I have traveled without my parents before and a few of my close friends were also going on this trip. After my parents drove me to the airport and helped me check in my bag, I waved them goodbye and headed to security. It was finally starting to feel real that I was going to be in Cortona, Italy in 10 hours. As the plane took off, I took one last glimpse of America and knew there was no turning back now!