Anticipation. As I hugged my stepfather goodbye and stepped into the security line for the international terminal of the Baltimore airport, the feeling hummed through my veins. Anticipation. It overwhelmed the weariness I should have been experiencing from my sleep deprivation. The airport was bright and shiny line with enticing restaurants and stores. I made it through security quickly due to the early nature of my flight. I wanted desperately to sleep on my flight, but my anticipation gave a firm no to that foolish hope, so I contented myself to read, daydream, and anticipate my flight’s landing.

I was excited to leave America, to start fresh, a new semester coupled with a resolve to rise from the ashes of the 2016-2017 school year. I deplaned and walked through customs to step out into the shockingly thick air of San Jose, Costa Rica, ready to face the next chapter in the book of my life, deciding to be the heroine of my story instead of waiting for a deus ex machina to rescue me from a difficult situation.

I gathered all of my courage to come on this trip and begin a journey to rebuild my confidence. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.