After getting to travel more of Italy with my parents I finally had to return home, and Cortona is missed.  I returned from my first grocery store visit with half of my items saying “Made in Italy”.  Now that I am home I have gotten to reflect (reminisce) on my time in Italy.  I have responded to everyone that has asked me about my trip the same way, saying the trip could not have gone any better for me.  Between the people in the program, the town and the locals, the traveling experiences, and the program itself my expectations of Italy were exceeded.  And I can’t forget the food, while I had high expectations for the food going in they were still exceeded.  I was able to make many friends that enhanced my experience, and really got a local taste of Cortona to make it a special trip.  As I mentioned earlier, I was able to find something that truly interests me and am looking to capitalize on this program and find a career path.  Since the trip has ended I have already been able to make steps to start this passion of mine.  I was constantly surprised with the different experiences I got to have, whether it was crossing going to a major European soccer game off my bucket list, nights at the Lions Well, or even some of the enjoyable dinners we had. This trip really had a large impact on me and I feel incredibly fortunate to have a college that has so many great programs to make for a memorable time at UGA.