As a Food Science major I knew that the program Viticulture and Enology would be right up my alley because I would enjoy the science behind wine that we were gonna learn.  I had no idea the impact the trip would actually have on me.  Most of my junior year was spent trying out different things in my major and college to try and find my passion and choose a career path.  The curriculum of this program was interesting to me and I really enjoyed learning in depth about the process of winemaking. I was exposed to most everything that I enjoyed about food science, applied to something I developed a great interest in.  Seeing the passion and joy all of the winemakers had towards their job and everything they do had a large impact on me.  All of the vineyards were beautiful and enjoyable places to be.  I really had the best month between the program and the experiences, and I believe I’ve found a career path that suits me.  I have been able to talk to some great people and get an idea of how to proceed, and I am truly excited to what my senior year will bring because of this trip.  So far both of my experiences abroad have been very influential and important to my experience at UGA.