“No matter how much time we have we always want more.” This is the only way I can describe the Uruguay study abroad trip. First, I am glad to have returned safely to my friends and family, and especially my dog. And I am happy to have cured my sweet tea deprivation symptoms, but I am desperately wanting to relive my trip to Uruguay. I experienced so much in such a short week from packing plants, to cattle farms, to vineyards, rice fields, and windmill operations. We literally learned an entire semester’s worth of information on sustainable agriculture in one week at the same time as being abroad.

My colleagues that attended this trip with me were incredible, and I can honestly say I enjoyed each one of them and their company. The food was out of sight and nothing can compare to freshly butchered lamb cooked over an open fire while laughing at the memories made with new friends. Not only did I experience so many new and cool things, I also turned twenty one in this amazing country! I have recently found myself continually telling stories about my trip and encouraging people to visit Uruguay.

I’m going to attempt to shed a little light on the man that made this trip what it is. That is Mr. Bruno Lanfranco. Bruno was our host and tour guide who helped to create this awesome program and continues to play a huge role in ensuring this trip is one of the best. A couple sentences written by a mediocre college student doesn’t even come close to describing the man this guy is. I am not an emotional person and probably haven’t cried in thirteen to fourteen years, but when we were departing from Bruno at the airport, I caught my eyes getting a little misty. He cares for the students like we were his own children. He provided everything we needed and made sure everyday of this trip was nothing but fun and educational.

Nothing I do after this trip will come close to being similar or replacing these unique memory’s, but one thing this trip has taught me is to study abroad again in hopes of another awesome experience. To anyone who’s debating about traveling to Uruguay or nervous about an upcoming trip….. GOOOO and soak in every single second of it or call me, and I’ll come take your place!!