I had one of the most amazing opportunities of a lifetime. Studying abroad in Scotland has truly been one for the books. I had the opportunity to experience a new culture and become immersed in a world not so different from the one I have known. The landscape was beautiful, and the people were so kind. If you thought southern hospitality was a thing, just travel across the pond to the U.K. I had some of the best food in my life, and I got to experience it with one of the best group of students. Scotland taught me about myself, and opened my eyes to different ways of thinking and viewing things. The students of Troqueer Primary made my week there so enjoyable and it almost broke my heart to leave them after only a week. Thank you to the city of Dumfries for making me feel so unbelievably welcomed and most importantly thank you CAES for this amazing opportunity and helping with funding so that I was able to experience this amazing trip. If you are looking for an affordable study abroad where you can make an amazing impact, I would highly encourage Scotland Food Insecurity Spring Break. I can not wait to go back and visit!! Thank you CAES!